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and hardware
Protection and licensing of embedded systems and hardware and software complexes
Tasks being solved

Stack of Guardant technologies and products for the protection, licensing and management of equipment, Internet of Things devices, as well as software embedded in them.

Licensing and control of functionality
Flexible configuration of the license restrictions of the functionality without changing the source code of the product. Optimization and unification of production. Simplification of the process of selling additional functionality to existing users.
a sales model
Easy installation of the required license restrictions for each of the functionality. Quick launch of sales using new business models (subscription, with payment for actual use, etc.) for flexible pricing and entry into new markets.
Reliable protection of software and data from hacking, copying and circumvention of license restrictions by storing and executing part of the firmware in the protected memory of the hardware module.
of machine-to-machine interaction
Ensuring the security of equipment interaction with external systems through encryption and digital signature. Reliable storage of encryption keys that never leave their carrier eliminates the possibility of disclosure and forgery of important information.
Possibility to remotely control the functionality of the device and deliver updates in online and offline modes for protected executable code.
Possibility to work on any platform and in any operating system
Use of both hardware and software protection and licensing tools
of integration
Single module with easy integration and flexible configuration options
level of protection
Ensuring security due to the possibility of transferring part of the vendor's software code inside the protected device and access to hardware-implemented cryptography
Elements of the solution
Developer Tools
Guardant Mobile SDK
A set of libraries, APIs and utilities for configuring hardware modules, organizing their remote updates, etc.
Code Micro
Code Embedded
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