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Guardant Code
A family of cross-platform keys for licensing, protection and management of hardware and software products sales. Satisfies the maximum security requirements due to code execution directly inside the protected device
List of solutions,
that include the product
Desktop and server software
Protection of software from reverse engineering
Allows executing part of the code directly inside the dongle to protect mechanisms and provide secure licensing
Ensures the operation of the key in any operating system and on any device equipped with a USB interface
Prevents unauthorized reading of the license, calling the downloaded code and analyzing the logic of the key operation at the hardware level
Remote update
Allows to remotely update the license and downloadable code in the key without the possibility of substituting their data
exchange protocol
Uses encryption based on unique session keys when transferring data between the application and the hardware key
on request
The basic model in the classic form factor
Code Micro
on request
A model in a miniature form factor for use on laptops and tablets
Code Type-C
on request
A miniature model for use on mobile devices with a USB type-C connector
Work online
Code Net
on request
A model for protecting network software
Memory stick
Code SD
on request
A model with a removable microSD flash card for software distribution
Code Time
on request
A model with a battery to limit the software operating time
Work online
Code Time Net
on request
A model with a battery to protect network software and limit its operation time
Code Embedded
on request
Cross-platform hardware key in the SOM form factor
Key operation scheme

Using the downloadable code

Preparing and loading the code requires the developer to perform several steps:

  1. The developer selects arbitrary code in accordance with the task being solved and taking into account the recommendations of Guardant.
  2. The loaded code is ported to the C language and converted for use in the hardware key. At this stage, it is possible to embed the use of built-in key functions into the code: call cryptographic algorithms, perform time licensing (for Time keys), write/read data in memory cells, and others.
  3. With the help of the GCC compiler and the Guardant SDK utilities, the loaded code is assembled and written to the key memory.
  4. After that, the loaded code can be used from a secure application by simply calling the Guardant API functions. In fact, the program code and the key become one.
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Application protection scheme

The final application protection scheme depends on the specific task. However, the basic principle can be represented as follows:

  • The application is "binded" to the license using automatic protection tools, downloadable code and a special API;
  • The license is securely stored in the key memory;
  • During operation, the protected application constantly exchanges information with the key. If the key is missing or includes unsuitable or expired license, then the software does not work.

Thus, copying a protected program makes no sense, since without a key it becomes inoperable.

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Licensing models
Number of launches/uses
Limitation on functions/modules
Number of network (competitive) licenses with counting copies of the program / workstations/ connections
for "Net" models
Limitation of operation time
for "Time" models
Custom, including a hardware DRM system
Security mechanisms
Unique Key ID
in the key memory and on the case
Symmetric AES-128 encryption
Digital signature on ECC160 elliptic curves
Tunnel encryption of exchange protocol traffic
Storing and executing arbitrary code inside a key
up to 20,000 lines in C language
Operating mode
Supported Drivers 
HID, Guardant driver
Supported OS 
Supported platforms
USB interface 
1.1 and above
Protected memory for licenses and data
4 Kbytes
Protected memory for downloadable code
128 Kbytes
Independent flash memory
up to 64 GB in "Code SD" models
Data storage period (protected memory / flash)
from 10 years
Number of rewrite cycles (protected memory / flash)
at least 1,000,000
Real-time clock
for "Time" models
Average battery life
5 years
Clock lag
up to 15 minutes per year
3 years
1 year
Independent flash memory
1 year
Physical characteristics
Case color (standard)
Key size
  • Full-size models 47x16x8 mm
  • "Code micro" model 18x16x6 mm
  • «Code Type-С» model 15x8x8 mm
Key weight
  • Full-size models 6.3 gr.
  • "Code micro" model 4 gr.
  • "Code Type-C" model 4 gr.
Air temperature during storage/transportation
from -40 to + 70 °C,
for "Time" models from +0 to +45 °C
Air temperature during key operation
from +0 to +45 °C
Relative humidity of the air
from 0 to 100% non-condensing

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