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Medical equipment
New licensing models,
know-how protection and remote function management

Modern medical equipment is distinguished by the complexity of execution, high cost and high technological effectiveness. In fact, these are separate computers with embedded software and connected peripherals. Software and algorithms embedded in it are beginning to play an increasingly important role in this complex. This trend opens up a number of new opportunities for growth and transformation of businesses in this area.

Tasks being solved

business models
Introduction of new equipment licensing models without changing the product itself. Possibility to launch sales with payment for the actual use of a product provides access to new markets and receipt of recurring payments from customers.
of production
Licensing of hardware functionality at the software level. Possibility of flexible sales and optimization of production. Reducing the cost of production and simplifying the process of selling additional functionality to current customers by creating a single hardware platform and defining its functionality at the software level.
Protection of algorithms
and know-how
Possibility to encrypt data and counter reverse engineering in order to ensure the security of intellectual property and medical data. Protection of unique algorithms, technological know-how and sensitive data from competitors and unscrupulous users.

Results of Guardant implementation
Increasing profits through the introduction of flexible licensing models. Simplifying the process of selling software with additional functionality to existing customers.
Reducing the company's costs by optimizing production and logistics. Reduction of operating costs as a result of process automation.
Reducing the company's risks associated with the theft of technological secrets and data leaks. Prevention of revenue loss due to circumvention of license restrictions by customers and the use of “pirated” versions of the product.
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