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Testing of the solution for licensing and protection of 1C configurations

Follow a few simple steps to test the capabilities of the Guardant ecosystem and protect your software product from illegal copying and use.

Preparation of tools

1. Registration in the Guardant Station system

The licensing management system allows you to configure the software sales model, maintain a product catalog, customer orders, issue licenses, monitor and remotely, update, block, etc.

Registration form:

2. Installing Guardant SLK

The developer's tool kit contains the elements necessary for the correct operation of the Guardant ecosystem, diagnostic tools, monitoring, license activation, etc.


3. Installation of the "Configuration Protection" system

A software tool for protecting 1C configurations from analysis and modification by third-party developers, as well as for automatically binding them to a license.


Software preparation for sale

1. Creating a product

Open the product creation form in the Guardant Station system, configure the sales model and the composition of the license that you will sell to customers. Remember the numbers of the specified functions (components) — you will need them later.

Product creation form:

2. Code protection and license binding

Set a password for the protected modules and save the configuration file. Use the "Configuration Protection" system to analyze the file and then, for each protected function, specify the number of the component created in the Guardant Station system at the stage of adding the product. As a result, a protected version of the file will be created, which can be transferred to the software buyer.

3. Building the distribution

In addition to the protected files obtained in the previous step, other elements may be included in the software package. To go through the main scenarios, you will need the License Wizard and the Guardant Control Center License Manager, located in the folder with Guardant SLK installed:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Guardant\Software Licensing Kit\redistribute\

Transfer of the license to the buyer

1. Creating an order

Open the order creation form in the Guardant Station system, turn on the "Testing Mode", select the license type "Software License" and specify the previously created product. After confirming the order, copy the generated serial number and transfer the software to the buyer. The buyer will have to enter the number in the License Wizard to activate the software.

Order form:

2. License update

To make changes to the license on the buyer's PC, open the update order creation form, specify the serial number whose license needs to be updated, add a new product and/or edit the license restrictions in the existing one. Once the order is confirmed, the buyer will only have to download the update using the License Wizard.

Order form:

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