Guardant SDK 7.6

This release includes a significant optimization of Guardant technologies for correct operation of security mechanisms in various environments and for use in applications written in different programming languages. Also, some bugs were fixed in the main Guardant tools.

Below is the detailed list of major changes in current release:

Guardant SP
Frequency of time checking through a remote server are increased in 6 times.
Automatic utilities
Implemented the ability to protect big-size .NET-applications.
Network protection
Access restrictions to the network server configuration file are removed.
Other technologies
Libraries for Guardant protection in Wine x64 are actualized.

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Guardant Dongles Gallery

  • Guardant Sign
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code
  • Guardant Sign Net
  • Guardant Stealth II
  • Guardant Sign
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code micro
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  • Guardant Time Net
  • Guardant Sign micro
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code
  • Guardant Net II
  • Guardant Stealth II
  • Guardant Net Family