Guardant Station

Guardant Station is a complex control system for software licensing and entitlement management. This solution allows software developers to monetize the software they develop as quickly as possible and in the most flexible manner, as well as to automate business processes for its distribution.

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The single window system is an out of the box tool for full management of software licensing. Guardant Station combines powerful protective technologies and a flexible user-friendly management system that allows vendors to perform complex procedures with just a few clicks. The solution is made with a view for the user to be able to work with only simple aspects (like license, buyer, order, etc.) and business processes (issue a license, update, deliver to buyers, etc.) without getting into the technical specifics of the system.

Tasks carried out

  • Increasing software sales revenue through use of the latest monetizing patterns;
  • Online control over the product line in compliance with market trends;
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through special terms and conditions of software usage;
  • Reducing costs through automation and development of efficient licensing processes;
  • Integrated protection of both the software and the licensing system on the whole against modern threats.

Key Features

  • Single access point for almost any software monetizing tasks;
  • Universal tool for software vendors of any scale and profile;
  • Optimization of sales offices and pre-sales training specialists;
  • User-friendly interface that does not require any specific skills to use the service;
  • Requires minimum time for training and testing;
  • The “out of the box” system does not require any significant adjustments from the vendor;
  • Flexible integration capability with ERP, CRM systems and others.

Guardant Station

The out of the box server solution for developers of the software to be monetized. Developers can independently control service availability, adjust infrastructure and perform monitoring. REST API can be used to integrate Guardant Station into third party systems: ERP, CRM etc.

Guardant Station Cloud

The cloud version of the solution deployed on Guardant servers and delivered as a SAAS solution. This service is a completely tailored environment that is ready for use 24/7. Software developers don't have to worry about infrastructure support or installing the latest updates etc, and can fully focus on solving software licensing and sales tasks.

Flexibility of Monetizing Models
The possibility to implement almost any licensing scheme and sell software under conditions and with features specific to each customer.
Complete Life Cycle of Licenses
Online control over all stages of the licensing process, including generating the license, delivery to customer, implementation and remote update of licensing conditions.
Generating a Product Line
The service allows to easily combine monetized modules and functions in order to create new or modify existing software.
Quick Product Updates
The system provides easy replacement of licensing models for current products in accordance with market requirements, and allows developers to change their composition with minimum effort.
Protection against violation of licensing conditions
The technology used by Guardant Station allows to not only license software, but also provide reliable protection against violation of licensing conditions and uncontrolled software distribution.
SAAS Version
The service can be deployed on “Aktiv” servers. Here, vendors instantly get a completely tailored and ready to use environment, always use the latest version of the system, and don't need to spend resources on infrastructure support.
self-hosted Version
If vendors need to provide server availability and infrastructure reliability independently, they can get an assigned version of Guardant Station and deploy it on their own facilities or a third party data center
Integration into ERP and CRM
With self-hosted version, the service may be integrated into any self-hosted systems of the vendor (like CRM, ERP, etc.) and other control systems, which allows for complete automation of the license sales process.
Access Control
Multiuser support provides the possibility to set access restrictions for various specialists of the vendor, such as developers, sales managers, administrators, and product managers, etc.
Protection Against Hacking and Sniffing
Aside from licensing, vendors are provided with a set of tools which allow them to protect the monetized software against hacking and sniffing to steal valuable features, modify or copy the entire software.

The Guardant Station licensing control system has a broad range of options. That said, the basic work logic consists of only 4 steps:

  1. Integration into the software system with indication of all monetized features;
  2. Protection of executable files and features to be delivered to buyers through automated utilities or Guardant API;
  3. Issuing the necessary number of licenses with indication of restrictions and the buyer's specific data if necessary;
  4. Remote license update on a specific user's machine. For example, after purchase of an additional pay-based feature, software license extension, etc.

When purchasing a license, along with the software itself, buyers receive a unique serial number for installing the license on their computer. The user cannot run any of the protected modules of the software before it is successfully activated.

Secure Licensing

The service is based on the technology of protected software licensing that prevents end users from breaking restrictions set by the developer at the stage of pre-sales training. When protecting the software automatically or through implementation of Guardant API, it is bound to the license with symmetric AES128 encryption and ECC160 electronic signature algorithms. Along with the protected Guardant libraries that can be used with any protection scheme, and software code security technologies, the cryptographic techniques within the license almost completely exclude any possibility of violating license conditions.

Moreover, the protection system prevents uncontrolled distribution of the monetized software. This is because at the moment of software activation, an encrypted license package is generated on Guardant Station server, which is then delivered and installed on the end user's computer. The key feature of the protection mechanism is that the package is unique and may only work on the computer for which it was generated. Thus, the license is securely bound to specific hardware, so copying it to other work stations is pointless.

Software Code Protection

Together with the access to Guardant Station, software developers get a utility suit that provides protection against hacking, sniffing and modifications. These tools allow to modify the software source code in order to make it as difficult as possible for it to be sniffed, and subsequently copied or modified.

In order to work with these tools, the developer doesn't need to have specific knowledge of coding or information security, as the data protection is performed automatically. Therefore, vendors can perform fine tuning of Guardant mechanisms, right up to indicating the specific source program functions that are to be processed by the protection algorithms.

Such a high level of reliability is achieved by means of code obfuscation and virtualization. As a result, the application retains its full functionality, however, the program code becomes so complicated that it's almost impossible to sniff. This allows secure protection for intellectual property of software developers against third parties.


License installation and control
Application licensing in OS Windows (10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista) and GNU/Linux x86 and x64.
License binding to PC hardware.
Functions, modules, application versions licensing by time.
Support for concurrent licenses in network.
Control software in virtualized environment.
Automatic license update.
Online and offline activation.
Protection against copying, analysis and hacking
Automatic protection for Win32, Win64 and .NET-applications.
Code virtualization, dump protection, integrity control, source code packaging and encryption.
Automatic or manual profiling.
API protection for Win32, Win64, .NET, Java-applications.
Driverless mode support.
Security tool integration with the build server.

Using the in-house version of Guardant Station

Operating system
Windows Server 2012 and above.
Windows 8 and above.
Debian GNU/Linux 8 and above.
Ubuntu GNU/Linux 14 and above.
Support x86 and x64.
Microsoft SQL Enterprise/Standard/Express 2012 and above.
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and above.
Support x86 and x64.
Web browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above.
Mozilla Firefox.
Google Chrome.
Microsoft Edge.
Programming interface

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