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Primary Capabilities

Anti-piracy Protection
Software Renting
Hardware DRM
Fraud Monitoring

Software Licensing

In the Network
Trialware and Rent
Demo Versions
Terminal Connections

Current Release: Guardant SDK 7.0

In this version, Guardant SDK has been completely reformatted. It’s now a “works out of the box” product like never before. New features vary from better samples and build scripts to completely rethought UI.
New Guardant HUB
Quick access tool for all Guardant utilities and more.
Integrated Online Documentation
New wiki-styled portal covers all aspects of Guardant SDK.
Support for Guardant Code Pro
Guardant API and drivers are now compatible with Code Pro.
New build scripts
Use our sample scripts to easily build your loadable code and more.
Released on 31.10.2014 More information | Download Now

About Guardant

Guardant is a line of hardware-based products aimed at protection against illegal copying, reverse engineering, and modification of software. Guardant dongles protect millions of products around the world and serve as a base for DRM to protect various content. Guardant code virtualization technologies are a great complement to the Guardant product line.

Guardant Online Manual

Guardant Dongles Gallery

  • Guardant Sign
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code
  • Guardant Code Pro
  • Guardant Sign Net
  • Guardant Stealth II
  • Guardant Sign
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code micro
  • Guardant Stealth II micro
  • Guardant Time Net
  • Guardant Code Pro
  • Guardant Sign micro
  • Guardant Time
  • Guardant Code
  • Guardant Code Pro
  • Guardant Net II
  • Guardant Stealth II
  • Guardant Net Family